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pv review – DEATH POINT (D’espairsRay)

Sound the alarms: bad-ass D’espairsRay is back with a vengeance.

After a string of seemingly average pv’s (HORIZON, Final Call and yes, even LOVE IS DEAD), D’espairsRay amps up the attitude a number of notches higher with their latest release DEATH POINT.

DEATH POINT pv is basically a performance video but the inclusion of the “breaking the fourth wall” concept gave it the edge and much-needed coolness boost. While hardly original, blurring the lines between reel and real effectively illustrates the devil-may-care feel of the song.

Similar to LOVE IS DEAD pv, Hizumi pretty much hogged the screen time. But I’m not the one to complain given that it led to numerous epic moments: the entire segment starting from Hizumi slowly raising his head then rising from his couch to walk to the microphone to finally releasing a bloodcurdling growl, Hizumi tossing the microphone to a PA then proceeds to shake the camera (and James makes his pv debut!), Hizumi drinking from a bottled water before splashing its contents and the best part of it all, the PA handing the microphone back to Hizumi. Kidding on the last part. Seriously, the most striking moment for me was when Hizumi kicked the camera then the angle of the shot shifted to reflect what the fallen camera was supposed to be capturing. The poor camera makes another appearance on the last few frames of the pv where it was mercilessly stomped on by Hizumi. The act made the pv reach full circle given that it started with Zero (or was it Karyu?) revving up what I’d like to assume as the amplifier (sorry, not yet well versed with those gadgets) with his foot.

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pv review – MY FIRST LAST (VAMPS)

Ok, so I know I made it clear in my BEAST that I have misgivings regarding MY FIRST LAST. But had I’ve seen this pv first, I would certainly be squealing like a hyperventilating fangirl in praise of the song. The pv just fuckin’ nailed it.

Truth to tell, the pv is very basic. No fancy shots whatsoever but rather just plain visuals of extreme close-ups of hyde, a bonfire, the night sky, and the occasional glimpse of K.A.Z. But taken together, they were able to bring out the raw sensuality of the song. And yes, they were moving enough to take attention away from hyde’s faulty vocals during the song’s first verse. The pv, in its simplicity, was so sensual it was almost primal.

But perhaps the best accolade I could give the pv is the fact that now at 1AM in the morning, instead of being blissfully asleep, I am writing this post with ROENTGEN playing in the background and thinking that maybe it’s not quite the time to give up on VAMPS just yet.

pv review – REVOLUTION (VAMPS)

Just saw the leaked pv of REVOLUTION and it was fuckin’ awesome. As in really, really awesome.

Needless to say, all the preconceived notions on what the pv would look like headed right through the window. (I myself thought that the pv would have a military theme given all the stomping and the song’s title).

But lo and behold, the pv had mutant poultry, an autistic rhino and Hyde and K.A.Z. doing crazy synchronized dance moves. And it was all in funky animation! The style was reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Leave Me Alone video. Just as that video brings a new level of appreciation with every viewing, I’m positive I’ll find more reasons to love REVOLUTION’s pv the next time I see it.

Great job on this one VAMPS!