LIVE REPORT: VAMPS at Hyper Wave Festival in Jakarta (November 29, 2013)

OMFG. We were THIS close to HYDE. He was like only 15 feet away! And those pants! Blessed be those pants. Any lower and they should be censored! But we could totally see HYDE’s abdominal muscles rippling as he languidly glided on stage! And yeah, v-muscle galore! adaflkjd;ljdf;ad;fk;adfkaldfkadjsfla;sdkf;asdkf’afdhfl;ajdf;adf;ad’kf;ad


And now that we have the spazzing out of the way… on with the actual live report.

I arrived at the venue around 5pm and was very much pleased that the venue looked more organized compared to how it was during the OOR live barely a week ago. I was also overly relieved if not a tad surprised that the line was tolerably short. Granted that there were 3 ticket classes: VIP (where I was), Festival and Regular, the fact that only about 20 people separated me from the entrance made all the agonizing I did all day seemed useless. (I couldn’t take the day off from the office because we had training that I myself organized.)

Still, my relief was short-lived for mere minutes after I arrived, intense thunder and lightning happened. Pretty soon, heavy rains were upon us. This was no drizzle similar to what happened during OOR but still no one was giving up their spot even after the parking lot started flooding a bit.


Ubrellas were hardly useful so we had no choice but to buy uber expensive plastic bags in the shape of rain coats.


We at the VIP hardly felt VIP no more because our line was situated at muddy terrain. Later on, we would end up walking through shallow flood water then even through more mud. I ended up watching the live with slushy feet. My shoes were barely recognizable after all the abuse. Buy hey, all for the love of HYDE.

By around 6:30, we were finally allowed to enter the concert grounds. Everyone was gunning for the spot directly in front of HYDE but Yoan, Rej and I ran instead at KAZ’s side. There were much lesser people there so we get to enjoy front row view.


At this point, I just want to clarify that there seemed to be no effort on the security’s part to hinder us from taking a few pictures which is why this post would be filled with them. There wasn’t also any announcement, to the best of my knowledge, that picture taking was not allowed. But no, I did not record full performances. If I want to see VAMPS through a screen, I should have just saved my shoes from ruin and watched a concert DVD at home.

There were 3 acts before VAMPS. The first of which was DJ Han (?) from Japan.  I wasn’t able to catch his name but noted that he always added the “from Japan” when referring to himself 🙂 He had the audience warming up to his remixed versions of Coldplay, Linkin Park and Oasis songs.


Next was P.R.I.D.E. This band had nice stage presence and eclectic in their choice of songs. After an English song which was unfortunately, I was not familiar with, they performed rock covers of 2 Michael Jackson songs, one of which was Earth Song. Very cool. For their second to the last song, they had me jumping in glee upon hearing the first few bars. I shouted “Clock Strikes! Clock Strikes!!” during which the vocalist pointed at me and had a laugh. Hearing an OOR song during a VAMPS gig even if it’s just a cover? Still surrealistic.  Plus it brought back feels from the OOR live earlier. P.R.I.D.E. ended their set with a song that had people shouting “Indonesia!” several times.


Then came Pee Wee Gaskin. By this time, the audience was overly excited to see VAMPS which could perhaps explain why the reception to this band was somewhat lukewarm. And then the vocalist just had to trip over a wire or something even before they started their first song. Unlike P.R.I.D.E., Pee Wee Gaskin performed their original songs (I think. The songs were all in Bahasa Indonesian). Halfway through their set, some people were already shouting “We want VAMPS”. This guy beside us even shouted repeatedly “Haido, hayaku hayaku onegaishimasu” to that effect. Sorry dude, but that was just very rude of you. After playing for about 30 minutes, Pee Wee Gaskin concluded with another song which, lo and behold, had chants of “Indonesia!’ in the lyrics again.


Finally, VAMPS right? Right? No. What followed was a meticulous setting up that seemed to last forever 🙂 VAMPS crew began their overhaul by blowing smoke on stage. Disinfectant? Just kidding. Then they stripped and fastened stuff here and there. The stage had some slippery parts because of the rain so the crew scrubbed, dried and made hazard-free the whole thing. Some last minute sound checks then some guy turning his flashlight on and off as a signal to the folks at the projectionists side and they were off the stage.


9:25PM came and the damp clothes and muddy feet ceased to matter. VAMPS was at long last on stage.


The boys opened the show with yay LIFE ON MARS? Each had their own little platforms but fortunately for us, KAZ, Ju-Ken and most especially HYDE shuffled places once in a while.

The first time HYDE glided in front of us, my heart leaped to my throat.


My initial impressions upon seeing VAMPS up close: the ever stoic KAZ could be very loquacious when he lets his guitar speaks for him while both Jin and Arimatsu did their best not to blend in with the background. Ju-ken, on the other hand, was quite the attention grabber and had the most “wild rocker” presence of the four.


As for HYDE, I couldn’t quite place it but it seemed to me that for the first half of the live, he was a bit detached and – please don’t hate me for this – performed rather idly. He sauntered across the stage like a lazy feline with the confidence of someone who knows that he could just stand there reading a laundry list and the audience would still lap it all up.


LIFE ON MARS? was followed by what I actually expected to be their opening song DEVIL SIDE and then REDRUM. Around this time, HYDE shouted Jakarta a lot and the sound was distorted making his voice eerie and there were echoes too.

What came next was VAMPS’ latest single REPLAY. This got us really hyped up.

VAMPS followed it up with a subdued rendition of THE PAST and MY FIRST LAST before having everyone bobbing their heads to VAMPIRE DEPRESSION.

Then came HYDE’s MC. He said something about eating I think because the audience just started shouting “Nasi goreng! Nasi goreng!” and then about devouring some fans.

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The energy hiked up exponentially when VAMPS segued to HUNTING. It was also when HYDE also uttered the most quotable quote that night: “Where’s malam?” 🙂 He’s actually saying “Where’s my lamb?” but it came out sounding as if he’s looking for the night as malam translates to evening in Bahasa Indonesian. And yes, I finally sensed the naughty, overwhelmingly sexual and hyperactive stage presence of HYDE that I had been missing.

Then the live just went full throttle. The audience has gotten really wide as well. We were all jumping as VAMPS moved from AHEAD to ANGEL TRIP (in English!) to TROUBLE. It was really a head-scratcher for me when VAMPS opted to do a cover of this song but hearing it live made me appreciate it. It was really fun jumping along to each “Oh, oh, we’re in trouble”.


The band closed off their main set with the infectious LOVE ADDICT.

Right after they exited the stage, we immediately shouted “Encore! Encore!”. The band took their time coming out so we moved on to “BANG ON STOMP EVERYBODY!” That proved to be the magic words as VAMPS kicked off their encore with REVOLUTION II

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REVOLUTION had us all shouting and stomping so it was a relief that VAMPS opted to mellow it down with SWEET DREAMS.

VAMPS afterwards gifted us with another entry in our wishlist: MEMORIES! Just like Angel Trip, they performed this song in English.


Insanity then ensued as they closed the show with SEX, BLOOD, ROCK and ROLL. It was a song that could go on and on but of course it didn’t. Still it was a very satisfying ending. VAMPS Live at Hyper Wave Festival started with a slow burn but ended with everyone on fire. And for his parting words, HYDE gave an endearing promise: “I’ll see you soon.”

I will DEFINITELY see you again soon. Let it be in the Philippines please.


Random memories from the live:

  • the Japanese fan who wore a VAMPS bikini for the entire duration of the show
  • HYDE and Ju-ken throwing bras to the audience. HYDE even put one on top of his hat.
  • Two of KAZ’s pics landing behind me. Yoan’s friend competed hard with another fan for the first one but effortless caught the second one. And he also won the meet and greet raffle earlier! Lucky guy
  • THIS SONG. It must have played a gazillion times that night so it still haunts me up to today. Honestly, I sometimes find myself singing it out of the blue.

Now good luck your way getting that song out of your head 🙂 Here are more VAMPS porn snapshots as a countermeasure:

P.S. Please don’t repost them somewhere else without credit ne? Learn to source.