Ja, Mata Ne!

Taking a cue from the recent trend in jrock, kenryoku would like to announce that SOLILOQUY is disbanding.

The site was primarily set up to contain musings on and criticisms about film. But somehow it had evolved into a mishmash of reviews on jrock and movie releases – and the former is heavily outnumbering the latter.

In order to maintain coherence and focus, all posts about film will be migrated into another blog (tentatively called “Now Travelling at the Speed of Plot” ).

SOLILOQUY will solely be about jrock now. The site though is set to undergo an overhaul. Which brings us now to another recent trend…..hiatus.

I haven’t posted in a long, long while and it doesn’t look like that I will in the immediate future. All updates are on hold until I have figured out a white space SOLILOQUY can fill in the jrock blogosphere. Or to be more honest, until I regain the drive I had when I first resurrected this blog around June of this year. The fire has been burning low and lest SOLILOQUY start spewing just soot, I’d rather take a break to fan the flames.

To everyone who had wandered to this site….THANK YOU.

I look forward crossing paths with you again when SOLILOQUY rises from the ashes.

(In the meantime, there is always twitter 🙂 )