maxi-single review–棘-toge (Sadie)

Great anime songs are aplenty. I should know as anime introduced me to jrock. However, I’ve been immersed in the scene long enough to know that being featured in an anime does not necessarily mean that the song is great.

Case in point: Sadie’s latest release, 棘-toge.

I can sense the attempt to appeal to a broader audience in the title track. What resulted though is a song that is utterly lacking in ambition. 棘-toge strikes me as akin to fireworks that just wouldn’t take off. The fire is there and we hear the hiss then the pffttt… but we never get to the BOOM! And another thing, why is it that Mao sings as if he’s constipated? An instrumental version of 棘-toge is mercifully included but it only underlines how hackneyed the song really is.

And then we have GREEDY EMOTION. In fairness to the band, the song sounds as if they really put an effort into it. The first minute with the electronica intro and Mao “rapping” in the first verse is novel enough for one to give GREEDY EMOTION a chance. The energy plateaus a bit during the chorus but the solos afterwards are commendable. This portion is best appreciated in the instrumental version of the song as it allows better appreciation of the build-up and the nice interplay of all the instruments.

Final verdict? 棘-toge is Sadie being complacent. The spikes are there, only they could hardly cause a splinter.


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