album review–TWIN GATE (exist†trace)


Dear exist†trace,

Since you are recycling tracks from VANGUARD –of the muses- and Ambivalent Symphony anyway, how come you did not include Lost in Helix and ROUGE? Those two are far much better than KNIFE and most of the new material in TWIN GATE.

My layman ears tell me that there’s not much difference between the original versions of オルレアンの少女, VANGUARD, RESONANCE 「終わりのない世界」and their current incarnations in TWIN GATE. KNIFE, despite the ‘album mix’ tag, remains dull as ever.

Of the previous unreleased tracks, only 1 stood out for me. I like unforgive you for its melodic appeal but it’s just a sliver away from sounding tried and tested like the rest. Cradle is a different story.

Your attempt at the symphonic caught me off guard. Cradle is a good song and if sung by more gifted singer, perhaps even epic. Don’t get me wrong though. Jyou did an excellent job in singing it. She sounded so frail especially when her voice almost falters during the song’s final lines.

Like the gentlest of lullabies, Cradle is soft on the ears yet hits the heart like a battering ram. Cradle is exist†trace getting in touch with your vulnerability – and in doing this, y0u are also at your toughest.

Best regards,



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