single review- guilty garden (Luzmelt)

Lunartail introduced me to Luzmelt and though I found the single ethereal it was not enough for me to fully appreciate the band. Half the time I was wondering whether an original version of the song exists somewhere as Lunartail has that remix feel to it. Blatantly auto-tuned vocals and synthesized beats transport to a metallic wonderland where electric sheep roam but by the time the song clocks in its 3rd minute, I’ve counted enough sheep and was just fighting the urge to doze off.

Thank goodness then for second chances. Luzmelt manages to redeem themselves via their latest single, ‘>guilty garden.

guilty garden cover

Fast-paced and ferocious, guilty garden is the polar opposite of the drowsy Lunartail. Right off the bat, guilty garden unleashes some pretty hectic guitar shredding paired with heavy drum pounding. Death growls are aplenty as lyrics were often times screamed rather than sung. It’s not irksome though, rather it suited the brutal stance of the song perfectly. And if one would listen intently, they might even hear guest vocals from the Predator! (check out 1:05 to 1:19). Really smashing stuff, I tell you.

The b-side primal fear, on the other hand, allows me to final hear some actual singing from yuhma. There is still the hint of auto-tuning but it could be forgiven. primal fear’s pacing is a bit slower than guilty garden but the songs complement each other in intensity very well. Kinda disappointing though how the song loses steam as it approaches its finale considering the more than promising intro. Nevertheless, primal fear and guilty garden together makes up one of the better releases from the jrock scene nowadays.


2 thoughts on “single review- guilty garden (Luzmelt)”

  1. Ah, guilty garden was quite awesome…they really could do with some better production though. Just that little bit extra to tighten up the guitars and vocals would be awesome! I’m kinda feeling a bit of an old-Gazetto vibe at 1:01? XD

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I did get a hint of the old GazettE vibe, with emphasis on OLD but given that I’m on ‘disappointed’ mode with GazettE now, I’d rather not make an association XD

      PLEDGE better be good. Previews are already out but I hadn’t had the chance to listen to it yet. Have you?

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