single review – Nanka Buttobase (SCANDAL)

Scandal Nanka Buttobase [Regular Edition]

SCANDAL’s Myspace account describes them as “the most powerful Japanese girl band” that “started their musical activity with their fearless personality and aggressive rock sound". However, with only their latest single ‘>Nanka Buttobase as basis, I find the claim somehow farfetched.

The girls all share vocal duties while playing their assigned instruments: HARUNA on guitar, MAMI on guitar, TOMOMI on bass and RINA on drums. In Nanka Buttobase, they strike me as 4 variations of Nana Kitade during her Kesenai Tsumi days.


The song certainly has that garage rock feel but there’s something about the refrain that defies their promise to “send anything flying”. It has a nice beat but not enough sass to project the “aggressive rock sound” that they are said to personify. A few more tweaks (like a more prominent bass, maybe?) and we may have ourselves a winner. And perhaps the girls could consider doing away with the synchronized dancing in the pv? Sure, it looks cute but I don’t think that’s exactly what they are aiming for.


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