maxi-single review – Ya-Ya-Ya (Orange Range)

I first encountered Orange Range via Bleach and found their song Asterisk one of the better anime themes out there. That was years ago. The second encounter is with their latest single Ya-Ya-Ya. And boy, was I in for a major surprise. Talk about polar opposites. Ya-Ya-Ya couldn’t be any more different from Asterisk. While Asterisk is laudable for its effective blend of rock and hiphop, Ya-Ya-Ya leaves us with just the hip and perhaps a dash of the hop.

Ya-Ya-Ya_Orange Range 

Ya-Ya-Ya contains 3 tracks that are a blend of synthesized-pop and dance music. The title track blasts bubblegum beats its entire run. Think classic video game music that is looped over and over. As the title suggests, Ya-Ya-Ya is repetitive. It is also quite annoying.

Koi no Merry-go-round is far more interesting. The title though is misleading. It’s not just the merry-go-round, it’s the whole carnival. The track has a bouncy beat that shifts pace erratically. The chorus is sure catchy but I find the ending weird. The song actually didn’t end, rather it was as if someone just turned the volume low until nothing could be heard.

The final track is definitely my most liked (it prolly be the only one that would stay in my playlist) as it has the Daft Funk feel to it. Uturusanu –SONPUB remix – is a fairly infectious dance track that is elevated in status by the inclusion of the genteel voice of a lady commanding listeners to just DANCE! Later on, the same refined voice could be heard mouthing expletives and I tell you the effect is amusing.

Listen to this maxi-single when you are already in a good mood. Otherwise, look for something else to perk you up.


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