maxi-single review – Crisis Moment (MERRY)


Someone please enlighten me. Is ‘>Crisis Moment, the newest release from MERRY, actually a mash-up?  Could have sworn that it is an amalgam of two or more songs. However, the concoction should have been shaken, not stirred. MERRY, unfortunately, chose to do the latter which is why we are left now with a track that could use a better arrangement.

Crisis Moment shifts from sentimental to brutal throughout its 3:15 run. These dramatic shifts within a song could either be smoothly executed or deliberately haphazard. Crisis Moment is neither. The placement of the brutal parts feel contrived which is really quite a pity since they are very rousing. When the guitars were shred and the screaming commenced after the soft intro, Crisis Moment was all set to be an exciting thrill ride. But then things slowed down and momentum was lost.

Fleeting Prayer, on the other hand, is more well-defined. The first verse made me think of 9Goats Black Out, only with more angst. Melancholic with an attitude, Fleeting Prayer strikes the balance that was missing in Crisis Moment. Proper timing could do wonders which why the single blood-curling scream in Fleeting Prayer is more impactful than the paroxysm in the title track.

Finally we have the final song and its the acoustic version of Crisis Moment. This version, in my opinion, trumps the original many times over. The mood is somber but Crisis Moment – UNPLUGGED – wins you over with its ensemble of distinct sounds. Definitely, a song that is fit to be savored.


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