maxi-single review – Cry More (Sadie)

regular edition

MTV Asia came out with a very creative spiel to promote their compilation album about two decades ago. While the actual album faded in my memory, the PR stuck. I’d like to echo it now as my own words fail me in describing Sadie’s latest single: Kuraimoa (Cry More) is simply “the most high-flying, death-defying, 360, slam-dunking, ground-breaking and head-spinning” single that I have heard in long, long time.

Sadie has always been one of my favorite bands, jrock or not, and with Kuraimoa they gave me even more reason to love them. The title track Cry More is ferocious blend of amazing guitars, bad-ass drums and impressive death growls courtesy of Mao. The other members even chipped in for some well-placed member shout-outs. The aftermath then is a slithering viper of a song that entwines itself to your senses, commanding full attention. And check out the cool pv that accompanies it. The band’s stylist should take more credit than the director and all that light beams remind of Alice Nine’s Senkou but what the heck, Sadie looks very stylishly edgy and it portrays the song’s vibrancy effectively.

BURST ZERO, on the other hand, is a paroxysm of pure awesomeness. I couldn’t decide which to favor more between it and Cry More. BURST ZERO definitely has the advantage though for being more aggressive. While Cry More allows for slow moments, BURST ZERO pounds on the eardrums ruthlessly. Forget head-banging. This song would have you thrashing around like mad all throughout its 3:04 run.

The third track, little prayer, admittedly, I’m not too keen about. But this is only because its slower tempo pales in comparison to the vigorousness of the first 2 tracks. The ‘rap’ portion midsong is an interesting touch. In addition, the use of piano in the background gave the song a classy edge.

Kuraimoa is just the first out of the 3 consecutive single releases Sadie planned this year. toge will be out November 3rd while Juggernaut will be released December 15. I certainly hope that these succeeding releases would approximate, if not top, Kuraimoa’s intensity.  In the meantime, excuse me while I continue make my eardrums bleed with BURST ZERO.


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