maxi-single review – falling down (MUCC)

radioactive lollipops for the win!

falling down spits on Yakusuko, stomps on it then throws it out the back door. While this song is still far a cry from MUCC’s rocking old sound, it exceeds their previous effort Yakusuko both in aesthetic and production merits.  At the very least, it doesn’t sound like a happy pill overdose. I first heard it during their Jack in the Box performance and even then, I have already noted the song’s irresistible sound. Trying to ward off falling down’s invitation to madness is a futile attempt. If the song is unable to entice you to bop your head to it, at any rate your feet would still be tapping along. And as mentioned, the production is good as it allows full appreciation of the different elements that make up the song.

Dulcet notes launch Tsukino yoru and immediately MUCC whisks off the listener to a better place. A jazz inspired number, the song produces a very calming effect with its use of the piano and if I’m not mistaken, the cello. While it won’t be a surprise to hear this type of song in the downtown pub, some guitar shredding midsong reminds you that MUCC is still first and foremost a jrock band.

Rounding off the track list is a remix of Yakusuko curiously named Yakusuko Warehouse Flavored Mix. Must say I like this version better as it infused the song with electronics beats and orchestral sound.

(On the regular edition the b-side is Hotaru. The bass is excellent and complements the semi-staccato drumbeats effectively. The song certainly has a groovy feel to it while still retaining the rocking vibe that has done wonders for older MUCC songs like, say Sora to ito.)

The tracks in this single couldn’t be any different from each other yet together they present a solid evidence to MUCC’s versatility. That and the radioactive lollipops in the cover artwork earn falling down a spot in my on repeat playlist.


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