single review – Red (the GazettE)

get me outta here!

Gazerock is not dead. It’s just stuck in a fuckin’ time space warp.

When Shiver was released just a few months ago, the general consensus was that (1) it was an epic fail and (2) it was forgettable. Well, scratch statement 2 off. Red will make you remember why Shiver was received with much disdain. Why, you ask? Because just as Shiver sounded like a rehash, Red echoes the same recycled generic shit that the GazettE churns out nowadays: charming, upbeat and downright predictable. 

The drums essentially follow a steady pattern as the guitars wrap around a melody that hardly varies throughout the song. Red has no climax or highlight whatsoever. Listen to the techno-esque intro then press skip immediately.

In fairness to this single, the second track VERMIN actually sounds as if the band put a lot more effort into it than they did with the title track. Beat is vibrant and catchy. Midway into the song, there’s a slight shift in mood before letting it all out again. And instead of the overused female back-ups, we now have strong male vocals grunting along with Ruki in the chorus. Still, there is the reluctance to totally embrace the song, and the single in general, when you know very well that the GazettE can do so much better than this.


6 thoughts on “single review – Red (the GazettE)”

  1. I’ll admit that at first listen I was a bit disappointed by both songs but rather than just gripe about it I decided to look up interviews with Ruki on these songs and now I like them.

    Shiver is a song they created when he listened to all their old stuff. He wanted to get back to just the band and their instruments. Shiver is the song that he wouldn’t have done before had they kept up with more of their harder sounding music, but it’s actually a song they’d have played if they’d continued with the sound they had started with.

    I actually listened to it again afterwards and I see what he means. Though the lyrics are a bit repetitive in both it’s good to see that they remain open towards music in general, be it sound and lyrics wise.

    1. Hi. Thanks for sharing that information. Had I known about that before, I may have viewed the song from a much better perspective. But to be honest, I feel no compelling reason to revisit Shiver or even Red. And that may be for the best so as to not put too much pressure on Pledge. Get what I mean? I would rather approach their new single on a clean slate, untainted by my disappointment over their previous outputs.

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