Gundam + Linkin Park = awesome

I have a big fascination for Gundams. Two earlier entries on SOLILOQUY in fact were dedicated to them (one is in recognition of the franchise’s 30th anniversary and the other, a review of Gundam 00 s1). And before I got entangled in the world of VK, I was a Linkin Park fan. So just imagine my exhilaration when I found out that these two are “collaborating”.

ANN reports that the Japan exclusive deluxe box of Linkin Park’s newest album A Thousand Suns will be bundled with a limited edition HGUC 1/144 RX-78GP01Fb Gundam GP01Fb Full Vernian “Linkin Park Edition” plastic model kit.

The Gunpla Edition will feature special box art with the band members and the Gundam design as seen above.

The PR even adds that the band designed the color scheme themselves (shades of metallic grey and white… how, er, imaginative).

In addition, Linkin Park is contributing a song for the Bandai Namco’s arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. This is said to be the first time a video game from the Gundam franchise has featured a song from a Western musical artist.

A Thousand Suns special deluxe box with Gunpla will be released in Japan on November 4. Those outside Japan can still avail of this offer via the ever reliable CDJapan.

Postscript 1: I’m likewise curious if A Thousand Suns will rekindle my fondness for Linkin Park. I have heard the first single “The Catalyst” and it has yet to grow on me. One thing’s for certain, it’s a long way from the raw intensity they displayed in Hybrid Theory – which is to my opinion, their best album so far. The pronouncement is a bit flimsy, I admit, since I tuned out after Meteora. Their collaborations with curiously another robot franchise called the Transformers were blah to me. Well then, guess I’ll just have to wait and see if November 4 would lead to a reunion as well (between me and Linkin Park, I mean).

Postscript 2: This just certifies that Linkin Park is worming their way into my heart again. Two weeks ago during lunch, my boss suddenly blurted out “I’m stalking you on Facebook (WTF?) So you’re a fan of Linkin Park? I like them too! Which albums do you like?” Took a while to register that she mentioned being a fan of Linkin Park because am still trying to process the fact that MY BOSS HAS BEEN CHECKING OUT MY FACEBOOK PROFILE. But when it did click in, she was already volunteering to lend me her cds. True enough, the next day I found a cd of Meteora and Gorillaz’s Demon Days on my desk. I wonder if I should reciprocate by lending her my D’espairsRay collection.


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