single review – Flavor (spiv states)


I searched far and wide for a description that is not an adjective closely associated with another artist but came empty so I’ll use it nonetheless – spiv states’s first single Flavor is nyappy. It is unabashedly pop and has enough saccharine to cause diabetes. Calling the title track Bubblegum would have been in fact more proper. Or Skittles. The cover artwork is colorful enough to be inspired by the candy brand.

The second track Horry is far much more enjoyable. It has a big brass brand feel to it and the chorus made me think of girls doing the can-can ala Moulin Rouge.

spiv states has been described as a “futuristic visual rock unit” but fans of oshare kei would have been more at home with this single as hardcore visual kei followers would find Flavor’s syrupy vibe a bit off-putting.  Both members (JUN and Iori)  are from Phantasmagoria so it’s possible that they just want to try something different, as in 360 degrees different.

You have been warned.


2 thoughts on “single review – Flavor (spiv states)”

  1. …Why is it that all [and this is a huge generalization] old school J-rockers find it a good idea to go down the bright and sparkly multi-coloured route? XD I mean Aiji (previous ex-Pierrot guitarist) is part of LM.C…it’s something that doesn’t make sense to me. XD

    1. The only explanation I can think of is that “let’s try something different” act. Maybe they just got tired of wearing black all the time. XD

      How’s your blog migration coming along?

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