a public service announcement

In the interest of expanding my musical horizon, I am now exploring different bands beyond those that usually haunts the hallowed halls of my media library. As such, my subsequent reviews would mainly focus on the works of bands I encounter in my exploration. Most likely I’ll comment on their latest releases but might throw in an oldie for the heck of it.

If I like an artist enough then I might check out at least part of its discography, but expect that the focus of the reviews will be on the merit of the featured album/single per se.

All entries born out of this endeavor will be tagged with “Dora”. (Why? Just because). My review of rice’s latest single CICADA is actually the first and I’m now in the process of crafting my comments for a few others that caught my attention.

My day job is now on its hectic and punishing best so the succeeding entries could be far in between. If something came up though from an artist that I really like or is already in my elite list then you can bet I would move heaven and earth just to post something about it.

A quick look at my tag cloud would hint at where my musical taste swings to. That said, any suggestions are most welcome.

got anything for me?


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