a must listen: TSUKASA’s Ryuutarou Enka

Was having a crappy day but everything was made right by a surprise free lunch and this absolutely awesome find: it’s TSUKASA singing an enka song dedicated to Karyu’s cat*!

Many thanks to the folks at xxdespairsrayxx for making my day!

*(not to sure about that but as Karyu’s cat is named Ryuutarou so there’s a chance that it’s true 🙂 )


5 thoughts on “a must listen: TSUKASA’s Ryuutarou Enka”

    1. I love you. I seriously do. I’ve only seen pictures of that performance and had been wanting to see a video for so long! Thank you so much for leading me to it!

      It’s amusing that even though he’s singing Brilliant, his voice retains that vibratto. He a bit conscious with the earplugs (?) but still it was a good performance.

      But the Ryuutarou enka takes the cake!

  1. Seriously, he actually has a good voice. Although, the Brilliant live with the switch-ups makes a lot more sense if you listen to the enka first. As kenryoku pointed out, about 3:00 in there’s def some enka vibrato going on.
    Always interesting to see bands switch up like this (I always recall fondly the days of GACKT’s Mirror self-spoof). Kind of like fan-service at an ultimate…while actually serving some kind of purpose.
    Thanks for sharing the awesome clip. Take it easy-

    1. I’m genuinely surprised with how good he sounded. I remember reading that he dreamed of becoming an enka artist as a young boy. Given this performance, he may actually have a shot at making it big. Though I’m more than relieved that he opted to join D’espairsRay instead.

      Thanks for visiting! I’m flattered to see you and Reitsu here.

      1. Yeah…I’d say he’s not doing too badly as a drummer right now. But still, it’s interesting to hear that he had/has those aspirations. And going from enka to Visual Kei…I’m not sure yet if that makes some kind of sense or not.

        You’re welcome. Glad to have found your site!

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