maxi-single review – Shiroi Uso (kagrra)

In my review of kagrra’s previous release Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Ame, I stopped short of accusing the band of playing it safe. Well it seems that fate is out to prove me wrong because the band’s latest single Shiroi Uso has got what it takes to knock anyone off their feet.

Shiroi uso_cover

The title track Shiroi Uso (白ゐ嘘) is an infectious dance number that effectively blends kagrra’s signature sound with some Hindu-inspired chanting. It is very upbeat for a song that has a “samsara” theme but the combination works. Shiroi Uso is hypnotic in its own way.  It has a lively chorus and the transition among verses is very fluid.

However packing the most punches among the maxi-single’s three tracks is Kuwaidan (□談). From the moment the song launches its very first notes, it’s already apparent that Kuwaidan has the potential to be an epic. Kuwaidan works because of mainly two factors: the excellent guitar rifts and the unexpected use of piano as an accompaniment. In fact, it’s the use of the piano in the intro that made the song irresistible. And midway into the song, the piano joins forces with some solid drumming before a short but stunning guitar solo is unleashed.

The third track Gikyoku Tooryanse (戯曲 通りゃんせ) is likewise a frenzied number but it’s the vocals that carry the whole song. Ishi innovates by overemphasizing the last syllable in some of the lines. He do this by elongating the pronunciation of the end vowel and the effect was jarring but awesome.

In conclusion, kagrra deserves a big thumbs up for Shiroi Uso. It’s unmistakably kagrra but with a wicked twist. They may not the first band to explore the “samsara” theme (D’espairsRay did it for PARADOX 5 last year and VAMPS has a track called SAMSARA in their latest album) but as kagrra’s music is already ethereal to begin with, Shiroi Uso is still a force to reckon with.


2 thoughts on “maxi-single review – Shiroi Uso (kagrra)”

  1. The ‘piano’ you thought you heard was probably the koto shin played. It’s hard telling the difference betweem a koto and a piano sometimes, you can see it if you watch ‘jusou’ live and compared it to the recorded studio version.

    1. Ah I see. Thank you for that information! Unfortunately, a YouTube search yielded zero results for Jusou live but I’ll certainly be on the lookout for that. Could you perhaps provide a link?

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