another jrock band bites the dust

Visual-kei indies band Tokyo Shitei yesterday capped a sold-out show at Shibuya RUIDO K2 with the announcement that they are, hold your breath – disbanding. No reason was apparently provided. The only update so far was a post in vocalist Shibuya’s blog (courtesy of MusicJapan+):

Honestly, thank you to all the fans who had been coming today. As I said during the live, we will be disbanding with the live at Takadanobaba AREA on October 10th, yet I hope you all support us with a smile until the very end.
I won’t cry until October 13th either, and although the remaining lives are few, I want to do my best for a great concert as a token of my appreciation! – (Tokyo Shitei – Shibuya official blog)

 Tokyo Shitei

Tokyo Shitei is what, the second band to announce its disbandment this August? I’m actually still scratching my head over what happened to Ayabie. From what I understand, Ayabie is now just made up of frontman Aoi after the other members packed their bags. TokyoGraph reports that guitarists Yumehito and Takehito with bassist Intetsu and drummer Kenzo implied having issues with Aoi and are now in preparation for starting a new band. Interesting. With that in mind, it seems that the picture below may not be just playful banter 🙂



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