single review – Departure (DELUHI)

Forget Juri’s screeching in Frontier. Ditch the cacophony in The farthest. Whatever transgressions the band committed in their previous two releases, all is now forgiven. DELUHI has more than acquitted themselves in their very latest release Departure.


A fast-paced rock song trimmed with stunning guitar rifts and electronic beats, Departure is sure to jolt anyone into apt attention. Maybe it’s because the song is unexpectedly vibrant (especially after the dud that was The farthest) but I was blown away by this single right off the first time I heard it. It was so energetic that whatever flaws it may have could be easily overlooked. From one frenzied rift to another, Departure is pure adrenaline rush.

In addition, Juri’s articulation continues to improve and the English lyrics are actually distinguishable. But the best part is…. NO GROWLING! Just honest to goodness singing. However, I note that there seem to be a slight distortion in the vocals. Guys, be honest. Is an auto-tune behind this?

Nevertheless, saving the best for last has never been truer than in this triad of DELUHI’s singles. Departure is clearly superior than the first two. And in a perfect world, Departure is a maxi-single with Frontier and The farthest as filler tracks.


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