Comments on the Purple SKY interview with D’espairsRay

Purple SKY released a very interesting interview with D’espairsRay last week. I found it fascinating because it featured questions that I would have asked the band myself, given the chance.

D'espairsRay with their pimped out vuvuzela

First up, it addressed the issue regarding LOVE IS DEAD. When the single first came out, hard-core music fans were quick to point out how it sounded eerily similar to Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round. To this, the band had the following to say:

Purple SKY: Your single “Love is Dead” has some similarities to the song “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive. Is it homage or a coincidence?

Karyu: We went to a few dance clubs in Europe after our shows, and really liked the atmosphere the music created. I wanted to use that in one of our songs, and it’s possible I heard Dead or Alive’s song at some of the clubs.  I didn’t even know the name of it until we finished “Love Is Dead” and someone pointed out that it sounded similar.

Purple SKY: So it’s not that song directly?

Karyu: No, we just wanted to make a dance-style song like one you would hear at a club!

Sorry Karyu but that excuse sounds flimsy. But whole thing could indeed be just a mere coincidence. I wouldn’t dare accuse the boys of being plagiarists. ”Inspired” might be a more apt term 🙂 . And truth be told, this is not the first time a D’espairsRay song brings to mind another artist’s song. Their earlier style was reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s: D’espairsRay’s Tatoeba kimi ga shindara vs. Marilyn Manson’s Angel with scabbed wings and D’espairsRay’s SIXTY-NINE vs. Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People.

And speaking of music style, the interview also focused on the band outgrowing their dark image.  To say that D’espairsRay has changed a lot is an understatement. Those who were already familiar with the band since their indie days (Kumo, Sexual Beast, Terrors, etc) wouldn’t even dare imagine that someday D’espairsRay would release a “dance” track. There was simply no indication. Ok so Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana was a bit danceable but even the remixes of their songs were more ambient rather than upbeat. Anyway, here’s band’s take on that matter:

Purple SKY: Recently you’ve put a little bit of a dance beat in your music. Do you think you’re growing out of this dark image?

Karyu: A lot of people are saying that. We want to make a variety of songs, even if that might upset what people expect.
HIZUMI: Lately we’ve been putting in a few brighter songs. So at lives, the brighter songs help the darker songs stand out. That’s why we’re doing more with brighter songs.
TSUKASA: We just want to do a variety of songs.

Brighter songs? I wholly understand the need for evolution of sound and diversity. Plus it’s great that the band gets to experiment both in sound and in lyrics. Still, part of me wishes that D’espairsRay would revisit their gothic roots and again release songs that reach out to our respective dark, not to mention perverse, sides. Given the choice between say, in vain and FINAL CALL, I’d definitely pick in vain without even blinking. FINAL CALL was an ok song but its lines like “Can you feel a new world? We must make it to the end” involves more tolerance than in vain’s “Sex might be the only thing I can fuck you with. What the fuck. Fuck it… motherfucker die” 🙂

Going back to the interview itself, Karyu seemed to the most vocal of the four. TSUKASA and ZERO hardly register. But it was HIZUMI that got to put in the most punchlines. Too bad there was no video to accompany the interview’s transcript. I want to see the reactions as HIZUMI cracks a witty reply one after the other. Of all that he unleashed, I find the following as the most endearing:

Purple SKY: What if you woke up one day and you were a completely different style? Say you were suddenly bald or something else that would ruin your look.

HIZUMI: What should I do? I’d go back to bed.

Nice one, HIZUMI. Karubi must be so proud.

Finally, to cap off this post, here is a mini-picspam of D’espairsRay’s new look (eons more better than what they were sporting in FINAL CALL):





In all of their photo shoots, TSUKASA always ended up as the prettiest but the above is just WAY TOO MUCH.

(all pictures are courtesy of Purple SKY)


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