single review – The farthest (DELUHI)


If there’s one word to describe DELUHI’s latest single The farthest then it could only be cacophonous. Listening to the lone track just gave me the impression that the band didn’t know what to do with it – should we go fast? slow? how about mixing it all up? The farthest do have its shining moments but overall it lacks harmony. Whoever did the arrangement for this track should be replaced before the band records their next single, Departure.

the farthest

As for Juri’s vocals, I couldn’t decide if there’s any improvement at all from the disaster he wrecked in Frontier. I still think he should tone down the growling a bit and just focus on enhancing his normal voice. Must give him props though for having good articulation! His Japanese accent did not overpower his pronunciation of the English lyrics, especially in the chorus.

Nevertheless, as with Frontier, the track owes it worth to Leda. His guitar solo by the third minute was impeccable. Leda did not disappoint. He displayed solid performance all throughout the track but the solo was his moment in every sense of the word. It was also to his credit the The farthest has a rousing ending. The song’s final minutes is a definite gem whose shine was much more highlighted by the fact that one must endure first The farthest’s murk before reaching it.


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