single review – COLOR (girugamesh)

COLOR (girugamesh)

The moment I heard Color, I immediately scoured my playlist for earlier girugamesh tracks if only to remind me what made me like this band in the first place. Had I heard the title track first, I honestly doubt if I’ll give girugamesh another listen. Yes, the song is catchy but it sounds too much like the opening song of some random anime. I can almost imagine the lead character running towards me while his cohorts appear one by one. All the while, the furry monsters are at their cutest selves. It doesn’t help that the pv was very bland. If the song sounds like an anime intro then the pv looks like the opening of a really bad jdorama. Everything about it was boring. Cinematography was bad and Satoshi et al look like an effin’ boyband.

The second track, sunrise, is more interesting with its samba infused beat. But take the Latin influence aside and all that’s left is another generic track. Thankfully, there is a third song that sort of saves this single from being a complete failure.

With just the faintest hint of jazz and more of fantastic guitar rifts, Flower is such pure fun to listen to. It must be really exciting to see the band perform this live and I would certainly be on the lookout for the part wherein Satoshi squares it off with the piano. To me, the short segment between 2:02 to 2:20 of Flower is enough reason to pay attention to this single.

To conclude, Color is girugamesh not at its best. girugamesh to me is one of the best visual kei bands out there but with this single they sound like a pop act trying hard to crossover to rock. Anyway, the band revealed that they have another single coming out soon and I sincerely hope that they recapture the passion and edge that set them apart from the rest of the pack. They could start by being more creative in naming their songs. Color. Sunrise. Flower. Seriously guys, how much lamer can these get?


4 thoughts on “single review – COLOR (girugamesh)”

  1. A harsh review, to be sure. And right along my line of thinking, for the most part. Flower was a pretty good song, but all in all not worth the complete flop of the other two tracks. Hopefully the next single will be slightly more up to par…I guess it can’t get any worse at this point. I certainly hope not, anyway.

    1. One commentator at your blog got it right: Toshiyuki Kishi should intervene with girugamesh fast. Or at least someone who could steer them back on track. I was ok with Music (Asking why was a commendable Linkin Park impersonation and Ishtar was sinfully erotic). I only listened to NOW once and haven’t played it since then. Then they come up with COLOR and all hope flew out of the window.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. I was just randomly searching for girugamesh & I came across your reviews. I felt that you gave your honest opinion about it and even as a huge girugamesh fan, I am not offended at all.

    To be honest, I’m not that fond of girugamesh’s PVs either, but if they make good music, I’m not really that bothered.
    I was disappointed with their direction (music style changes) at first, but after reading up interviews, I kinda got their change of direction (after MUSIC era). I’m not sure if you kept up with their recent activity, but Satoshi did explained in an interview that they were at loggerheads/disagreements for about 2 years on the direction for girugamesh and that was the reason for the hiatus for about a year? (I was shocked about the information too; since they were always fooling around backstage and enjoying themselves at their own lives)

    I wonder if you have heard their latest album, Monster?

    P.S on the side note: I’m really envious of how you got to meet with ONE OK ROCK in Singapore! (yea, I’m Singaporean! ^^)

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