D’espairsRay’s MONSTERS artwork and track list finally revealed

I think the Regular Edition’s artwork is much better. Who’s with me?

yes, it says MUSIC VEDEO

With just 10 tracks I feel a little shortchanged. As for the track list, I’m really eager to hear 13 – Thirteen – and DEVIL’S PARADE mainly because LOVE IS DEAD is sandwiched between them. LOVE IS DEAD is an atypical D’espairsRay track – it’s a danceable song, for goodness’ sake, hence it’s really interesting how 13 – Thirteen – would set the mood and if DEVIL’S PARADE would continue it. My only wish is that the album would not be chockfull of upbeat and pop infused tracks or else, I would really throw in the towel for these guys. I think LOVE IS DEAD is good and FINAL CALL is acceptable but an album full of that? Please no.

But who knows? MONSTERS could turn out to be a great album. In recent interviews, D’espairsRay have been proclaiming how proud they are of MONSTERS. They even tweeted about the album being “really good” (note the smiley). Given this, I’m absolutely hoping that it will meet, if not surpass, all of our expectations.

MONSTERS will be unleashed exactly 28 days from now. Until then, I’ll be crossing my fingers that it’ll be of the ferocious and not of the cute kind.

(The album is still up for preorder on CDJapan for both Limited and Regular editions)


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