the day DespairsRay acknowledged my existence


I must admit that I was really taken aback when I read this post. Mind you, it was not even addressed to them! And to think I was already having a bad day. So what does a scorned fan do? Give them a piece of my mind, of course! Well, not really. I just tweeted them back โ€œhave a nice dayโ€. (^O^)

Then lo and behold, they (or whoever is responsible for their twitter account) apologized! The whole thing was blamed on an emoticon being inadvertently forgotten (@kenryoku Sorry, forgot to add a ๐Ÿ™‚ to the end of my message. This is twitter after all!)

Ok then. No love lost there.

In hindsight though, instead of acting like an onion-skinned beyatch, should have just responded to their question (what more do you need?) with a resounding โ€œhow about a private performance in my room?โ€ then punctuate it with an emoticon.

Better yet, make that a lot of emoticons: q(^-^q)(p^-^)p q(^-^q)(p^-^)p q(^-^q)(p^-^)p


12 thoughts on “the day DespairsRay acknowledged my existence”

  1. Hi,

    We don’t know each other, I found you on the Despa’ twitter ^^

    I just wanted to say that after reading the answer to your question I was a little “O__O what the hell is this kind of answer …”

    I really think that the american guy who is responsible for their Twitter and Facebook page need to improve his communication skills. I may sound a little bit sensitive but I often think that he is a little bit rude with fans.

    Just wanted to say that.
    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚ ^_-

  2. i believe the man who runs their twitter and facebook is called james, he works for their record label. ๐Ÿ™‚ he also helps zero with his (better) english tweets. but the band do read it! i always picture them hovering over his shoulder and telling him what to write. XD

    1. Hi firion! So can I assume the guy’s not Japanese? Coz if he’s not then pffftt. Upon reading that post, I asked someone from CDJapan what they make out of it and he said that perhaps they are just in a bad mood (which is why I just wished them a good day) or “they just didn’t know how to say it nicely in English, which is probably the case”. But if he’s a natural English speaker then James should learn to tone down his statements ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes, the guy is american, he comes from Seattle. I think he is working with them since their concerts in Taiwan.
        Hizumi introduced him, if you want to see …

        @firion : I’m also pretty sure that the guys read it but I don’t really know if their english is good enough to understand the nuance of the tone. And I also believe that sometimes he also answer on his own initiative.

        But I don’t want to make a drama ^^
        I don’t know the guy and don’t want to sound like i’m hounding him. It’s just about his way of answering …
        I was just glad to find someone who feel the same as me and wanted to say!

  3. Thank you for that terrific blog article. I really enjoyed reading it. I think u are a wonderful author. At this moment added your blog to my favorites and will return again to ur site.

  4. Haha, one of the questions I submitted on for the Purple Sky interview for D’espairsRay was “Who runs your twitter?” but now I know. :p

    It’s still awesome that you got a response even though it wasn’t addressed to them…then again, it makes me worry that tweets that I don’t address to them are also being read. XD

    1. I’ve used @despairs in my message to CDJapan so maybe that’s why they were able to read it. This dude has been making interesting statements in the band’s Facebook account too. Well, what can I say. Acerbic humour is not just for everyone.

      Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

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