maxi-single review – Yakusoku (MUCC)

A few posts ago I was waxing poetic on how haunting the songs from Kyuutai was. Now MUCC releases its 22nd single to date, Yakusoku and in the process brings out another testament to this band’s versatility.

Though not as danceable as Anjelier and FUZZ, Yakusoku still ranks among MUCC’s more upbeat tracks. The overall vibe is reassuring – it’s as if MUCC was trying to infect the world with a good dose of positivity thru Yakusoku (which actually translates  to “promise”). It is, without a doubt, a very joyful song, the type the could entice anyone to nod their heads in tune to beat. A very enjoyable track indeed.

Still, I couldn’t help but note that with Yakusoku, MUCC seems to be holding itself back. The short guitar solo by the time the song reached its 3rd minute is a reminder that this is still the same band responsible for hard-hitting hits like Mikan no Kaiga and Ageha. But overall, the song felt alienating. Sure, the band has dabbled with “happy” songs before but with Yakusoku, it’s as if MUCC has indulged in the happy pill too much then managed to throw up some of it afterwards.

Thankfully MUCC managed to find its way back thru the second track Gareki no Tori. It starts off with a superb guitar solo then was coupled with aggressive drum beats. The main rift throughout the song is very affecting while the chorus part was very, very infectious. Needless to say, I prefer this song by a mile over the main track.

The third track Freesia~Electro Mix was a surprise. While the title do suggest that it is a remix, nothing could have prepared me for how blatantly addicting this song is. With hints of new wave and good ol’ disco flavor throw in, MUCC has truly let themselves loose on this track resulting to their own brand of dance music.

NOTE: In case you don’t know, the song Yakusoku is the intro to the anime series “Senko no Night Raid”. Two other versions of the single are available. The version reviewed here is the limited edition that comes with the DVD.

Below is a side by side comparison of the cover artwork for all versions (Limited edition with DVD, Limited pressing featuring TV edit and Karaoke version, Regular edition):


Album covers courtesy of CDJapan.


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