Details for VAMPS’ 2nd album BEAST

I must say the cover for BEAST is a huge improvement from the first album’s. The first album’s cover (simply titled as VAMPS) was just plain horrible.

The track list (courtesy of the ARK MESSAGE BOARD) reveals really interesting titles:

1. PLUG IN (music: Hyde)
2. DEVIL SIDE (music and lyrics: Hyde)
3. ANGEL TRIP (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
4. MEMORIES (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
5. EUPHORIA (music and lyrics: Hyde)
6. VAMP ADDICTION (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
7. REVOLUTION (music and lyrics: Hyde)
8. THE PAST (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
9. PIANO DUET (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
10. RUMBLE (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
11. GET UP (music and lyrics: Hyde)
12. SAMSARA (music: Kaz, lyrics: Hyde)
13. MY FIRST LAST (music and lyrics: Hyde)

But nope, I’m still not buying it.

Sorry HYDE. There was a time when I would lap up almost anything that was associated with you. I draw the line however on VAMPS. It was enough that I bought the first 3 singles and the first album.

Paging L’Arc~en~Ciel. Please get your act together soon.

(UPDATE: BEAST is already available for pre-listen on iTunes. Preorders for both Limited and Regular editions are still available on CDJapan)


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