single review – ANGEL TRIP (VAMPS)

It took me quite a while to warm up to VAMPS’ first 2010 release DEVIL SIDE. I frequently enjoy listening to it now but still there is this nagging feeling that it’s just HYDE recycling. After all, the chorus part sounds very much like COUNTDOWN. Same goes for ANGEL TRIP. Although it didn’t evoke a “sounds like (insert old HYDE song here)” notion as much as DEVIL SIDE did, the first listen failed to generate a positive response from me. ANGEL TRIP sounds too – safe.


Subsequent listening has convinced me that ANGEL TRIP is a fun song. The beat, I must admit, is catchy. But beyond that, there seemed to be nothing more to the track. Granted that this is not the first pop-esque song to come from HYDE, but at least his previous releases have some sort of profound playfulness in them. Case in point, WORDS OF LOVE (from the album 666) has a catchy hook. However, it had the saxophone and excellent wordplay to give it an impudent yet seductive vibe. With ANGEL TRIP, all we have is a feel-good chorus that begs to be sing along with.

Then again, perhaps I’m just too biased against this song because I had the most unfortunate experience of seeing the pv BEFORE hearing the song for the first time. And boy, was the experience so gut-wrenching. HYDE, pray do tell what the hell happened to you? You as a blonde Jack Sparrow might be too great a fantasy but in reality, it just doesn’t cut it. I have yet to see the pv in full and I don’t think I’ll ever will. Seems that there’s nothing to going on anyway, just you and KAZ cruising somewhere in Thailand (?).

Back to the single, VAMPS did manage to hit the bulls-eye in their version of KYUKETSU – SATSUGAI. Great job on this one! Although let’s face it: VAMPS did a great cover but Johannes Krauser II still owns it! Go D.M.C.!!!


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