single review – Frontier (DELUHI)


An impressive mix of superb guitar work and furious drumming gave Frontier a very gripping start. Then Juri started singing and the momentum was lost. Ok, so maybe not.

I have thoroughly appreciated Juri’s brand of growling in DELUHI’s previous releases, notably REVOLVER BLAST and NO SALVATION. I thought it suited the songs’ frenetic energy perfectly. Sadly in Frontier, instead of complimenting the song, Juri’s vocals functioned as more of a distraction. Right off the first verse, the growling was at the very least, startling. Juri sounded as if he was in pain – and my ears felt it too. He managed to redeem himself during the chorus though, only to revert to the part growling-part clearing his throat-part being possessed “singing” a few minutes later. Sad, really.

Still, Frontier was definitely NOT a track to be cast aside easily. The guitar work in this track was more than enough reason to endure Juri’s screeching. The main riff was phenomenal and the solo – shit, the solo – midsong was simply jaw-dropping. Leda was clearly in his finest element. Coupled with the pumped-up drumming, Leda’s impressive command of his guitar in this track makes Frontier one of DELUHI’s most technically gifted releases.

If only there was a vocal-less version included.


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